Useful Links to help in your HotB Experience

Discord App
This is the voice / text program we use to communicate, post pertinent information, notify of immediate updates that might cause servers to need to restart, host game giveaways, and more.

7 Days to Die Mod Launcher
The 7 Days to Die Mod Launcher, created by Sphereii, is a small little program that automates making copies of your vanilla 7 Days to Die, and then let's you install the various mods or modlets, usually through github. 

Interactive Conan Map
This is an interactive Conan: Exiles map that allows you to look at things like Thralls, Resources, Dungeons, Caves, Recipes, Pets, and more. 

Ark Interactive Maps
Various different interactive maps for Ark, from spawn locations to resources to various locations of points of interest.

Conan Mod Information & Guides
We have quite a few mods installed on our Conan: Exiles server. You can find some guides and information in our Conan Useful Links section in our discord.

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