Ark Server Info and Rules


  1. Don't be a dick. Don't harass others, don't mess with tames, etc.

  2. Don't build in heavy resource areas causing blocking of resource spawns.

  3. Don't block artifact caves.

  4. Racism is not tolerated, nor is discrimination against color, creed, or religion.

  5. No auto and unattended breeding of animals. If I find you are abusing this rule, and you have balled your animals before I can intervene, your base will be wiped.

Server Information
    Boosted rates of x25.

List of Mods
889745138: Awesome teleporters
731604991: Structures Plus (Open Source)
1267677473: Cross Aberration
1364327869: Better Reusables
1404697612: Awesome Spyglass
812655342: Automated Ark 2
761535755: Ultra Stacks
1295978823: Simple Spawners
1890886098: Eco's Empires
670764308: EcoTrees
880887081: Eco's Terrariums
895711211: Classic Flyers
936506535: Tranq Sniper Bullet
1609138312: Dino Storage
899250777: Reusables plus   
640035309: Sevens Tranq Kit
1092784125: Gryphons
719928795: Platforms Plus
761535755: Ultra Stacks
750483861: Dino Aid
632898827: Dino Colors Plus
821530042: Upgrade Station
1850728241: Royal Phoenix Remastered
2024119790: Cross Genesis
1634834823: Cross Extinction
877596905: Mass Healing Potion
711047840: Taming Sedative