7 Days Server Rules, Maps, Connection, and Information

Rules for ALL Servers:

PVE ONLY. No Raiding, killing other players, destroying bases, looting secured chests / crates, destroying loot containers in POI's, hate speech, racism, or discrimination. You may take over a non-essential POI in the beginning, one that does not have a reinforced chest for loot, and not any stores or factories. The end-goal should always be building your own base.

Mod Downloads:
The Easy Way: https://www.7d2dmodlauncher.org Download and Install the Launcher, Go to the mod of your choice on the left, then on the right click Install New Game Copy (Make sure your vanilla is updated to the latest version.) Once the Copy is done making, click Pre-Sync Mod to download the mod.  Once that is done, make sure you launch the game by clicking Play Mod.  Note - War3zuK plays with Easy Anti-Cheat ON, while Darkness Falls and Ravenhearst play with Easy Anti Cheat OFF.

For Manual Downloads:
War3zuK: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/19767-war3zuk-alpha-19-all-in-one/
Darkness Falls: http://darknessfallsmod.com/

Ravenhearst: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/4508-ravenhearst-mod/   

Server and Mod Info
            **HotB War3zuK AlO PVE Server 9/28** - Challenge: **EASY** - A fun, laid back, casual mod that adds tons of HD items, vehicles, and more to the game. Play this server if you want to relax                but still would enjoy a different experience than vanilla.
            - Connection Info:
            - Online Map:
-             Online Shop: https://us.csmm.app/shop/1423

-             Vote for the Server For a Supply Drop: https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90322/

            **HotB Darkness Falls PVE Server 11/5** - Challenge: **MEDIUM/HARD** - An overhaul mod where the irradiated come out nightly - adds more ores such as titanium,, vehicles such as the              gas powered shopping carts, keycards for bunkers, and tech blocks/armor/weapons/tools to the game. - Traders are open 24/7. Play this server if you want a nice challenge along with                   some clear progression items.
            - Connection Info:
            - Online Map

            - Online Shop: https://us.csmm.app/shop/1510
            - Vote for the Server for A Supply Drop: https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90402/

Settings for Both Servers:

- A19.2

- Difficulty: Warrior
- 18 Hours of Daylight

- Day Cycle: 60 Minutes War3zuK, 90 Minutes for Darkness Falls and Ravenhearst

- Zombie Day Speed: Walk

- Zombie Night, Feral, and Blood Moon Speed: Sprint

- Max Zombies 60, Animals 50 for War3zuk and Darkness Falls, Zombie 100 Animals 70 for Ravenhearst

- Loot Respawn: 3 Days

- XP Multiplier: 200%

- Loot Abundance: 200%

- Drop on Death: Nothing

- Airdrops: Every Day

- Claims Allowed: 4

- Claim Size: 41

- Blood Moon Count: 13

- Claim Duration: 7 Days

War3zuk: 3 Max Teleports, Gimme has a 50/50 chance of Zombies/Items, 10 Pesos per Zombie Kill, 2 Pesos per minute on server.
Darkness Falls: 3 Max Teleports, Gimme has a 50/50 chance of Zombies/Items, 10 Pesos per Zombie Kill. 5 Pesos per minute on server.
Ravenhearst: 3 Max Teleports, Gimme has a 75/25 Chance of Zombies/Items, 5 Pesos per Zombie Kill, 2 Pesos per minute on server.

Useful CSMM Commands for All Servers:

$gimme – this will give you a prize or spawn a zombie or animal on you. Players can use it once every 15 minutes on War3zuK, once every 30 minutes on Ravenhearst.

$settele name - This creates for you a waypoint at your current location that you can teleport to. Costs 15 Currency

$tele name – This teleports you to your named waypoint that you created.

$wallet – Tells you how much currency (Peng Pesos) you have.

$shop – starts the shop system. You can go online to the shop and purchase items there instead of using the in-game system.

$claim – Claims any shop items you have purchased from the online shops.
$vote – you can vote for our servers and get a Supply Crate on Ravenhearst or War3zuK or a Food Crate on Darkness Falls. **WARNING** on Ravenhearst, make sure you are outdoor away from your base because a Supply Drop will trigger some zombies. Kill them before attempting the crate as it takes 15 seconds to open.
$bleed - Get an emergency regular bandage.
$bed - Teleport to your bedroll.

Possible Prizes in $gimme for War3zuK:

- 9mm Ammo Bundle

- 7.62 Ammo Bundle

- 44 Mag Ammo Bundle

- Shotgun Ammo Bundle

- Bundle of Rocks

- Bundle of Wood

- Bundle of Scrap Iron

- General Supply Crate

- Zombie Boe

- Zombie Stripper

- Zombie Dog

- Snake

- Boar

- Zombie Feral Stripper
- Dire Wolf

- Vulture

Possible Prizes in $gimme for Darkness Falls:
- Zombie Dog
- Zombie Boe
- Zombie Stripper

-Zombie Biker
- Feral Wight
- General Supply Crate

- Bundle of Rocks

- Bundle of Wood
- Mini Bike
- First Aid Bandage

- Titanium Helmet

- Cigar

- Zombie Football Player

- Zombie Big Mama

- Zombie Joe

- Treasure Chest

- A message saying "You Won NOTHING! HAHAHA!"

- 1 Duke Coin

- Sci Fi Door

- Gun Safe

- 1 Duct Tape

- 1 Glue
- Zombie Joe Feral

- Zombie Moe

- Zombie Arlene
- Zombie Moe Feral

- Zombie Screamer

- Zombie Screamer Feral

- Zombie Darlene

- Stag

- A special surprise message!

Possible Prizes in $gimme for Ravenhearst:
- Oil Shale Bundle
- General Supply Crate
- Stag (for meat)
- Scrap Iron Bundle
- Motorcycle
- Zombie Stripper
- Zombie Biker
- Zombie Boe
- Zombie Moe
- Zombie Farmer
- Zombie Farmer Feral
- Feral Wight

- Zombie Old Timer

- Zombie Cheerleader
- Zombie Fat Boy

- Zombie Big Mama

- Zombie Screamer

- Zombie Football Player
- Zombie Joe

- Zombie Arlene