7 Days Server Rules and information


No Raiding, killing other player's, destroying bases, looting secured chests / crates, hate speech, racism, or discrimination.



- A19.1 War3zuK AIO Mod

- Difficulty: Warrior

- 18 Hours of Daylight

- Day Cycle: 60 Minutes

- Zombie Day Speed: Walk

- Zombie Night, Feral, and Blood Moon Speed: Sprint

- Max Zombies 60, Animals 50

- Loot Respawn: 3 Days

- XP Multiplier: 200%

- Loot Abundance - 200%

- Drop on Death: Nothing

- Airdrops: Every Day

- Claims Allowed: 4

- Claim Size: 41

- Blood Moon Count: 13

- Claim Duration: 3 Days

Other Notable Settings
- CSMM server manager.

- You are allowed to take over a SMALL non-essential POI to hide from the coronavirus infected zombies.

Useful CSMM Commands

$gimme – this will give you a prize or spawn a zombie or animal on you. Players can use it once every 15 minutes.

$settele name - This creates for you a waypoint at your current location that you can teleport to. Costs 15 Currency

$tele name – This teleports you to your named waypoint that you created.

$wallet – Tells you how much currency (Peng Pesos) you have.

$shop – starts the shop system. You can go online to the shop and purchase items there instead of using the in-game system.

$claim – Claims any shop items you have purchase from the online shop.
$vote – you can vote for our server and get 100 currency. Vote on the site and then use the command to claim your reward.

Other Servers

- We also have other game servers in the community: - We have a modded Conan: Exiles server with many mods with adjusted rates, a faction hall, and more.

Possible Prizes in $gimme:

- 9mm Ammo Bundle

- 7.62 Ammo Bundle

- 44 Mag Ammo Bundle

- Shotgun Ammo Bundle

- Bundle of Rocks

- Bundle of Wood

- Bundle of Scrap Iron

- General Supply Crate

- Zombie Boe

- Zombie Stripper

- Zombie Dog

- Snake

- Boar

- Melee Bandit
- Dire Wolf

- Vulture

More may be added at a later date.